A Closer Look at Who Controls the World: Pedophiles, Predators and Perverts Chapter 1, Part 2

Published on Jul 30, 2021
Over the years I've compiled a list of thousands of names of our overlords.

I've put together mini biographies of each along with a photo. I've taken great pains to prove the jewishness of each individual, because as jew namers we need to be as truthful as possible unlike our deceitful adversary. In order to be credible and not be questioned, I've used only mainstream(jewish) sources. I used Wikipedia unless otherwise noted. Those whose ethnicity I can't prove, but suspect as jewish may end up in a "crypto" chapter.

Having so many names, I've had to separate them into many chapters and many parts in order not to overwhelm the reader.

I've found jews dominating Hollywood, mainstream media, alternative media, social media, pedophilia, rape, sexual deviance, pornography, sports, politics, Wallstreet, fraud and other white collar crimes, mob activities, murder, satanic rituals, banking, the music industry, television, academia, NAACP, integration, drugs, pharmaceuticals, communism, medicine, LGBT, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, immigration, publishing, the entire court system, the Federal Reserve, pop culture, fashion, art, transgenderism, and every form of degeneracy and subversion imaginable.

Their over representation in every aspect of our lives is unparalleled in human history.We must learn to identify these creatures and wake up to what's going on. We must be able to name and identify our enemy in order to combat him.
Each bio is merely an overview and meant to prove jewishness and show how much power and influence they have. Further research on any individual jew will provide even more proof of their treachery. You'll find out quickly that they share several traits which have turned the world into a cesspool. The first chapter deals with jewish pedophiles and perverts. These names were taken from several categories and seems to be another common thread among the tribe. There are many parts to Chapter One. Stay tuned.

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