Universal Kabbalah Series - Part 8 - Geburah & Chesed - Severity & Mercy - The Individuality

Published on Aug 10, 2020
In this eighth video on the Universal Kabbalah, Dr. Theresa Bullard, an International Instructor and Kabbalah Teacher for the Modern Mystery School, introduces the realm of Individuality and deeper aspects of the soul, known as Geburah and Chesed. The name Geburah translates to Severity or Power, and it refers to the inner warrior of your soul that gives you courage, discipline, strength and the discernment needed to wield your power justly. Balancing this on the other pillar is Chesed, which means Mercy or Love or Majesty. Chesed is the compassionate self that is giving, forgiving, wants to be in service to a higher cause, and is aligning with the Will to do Good. There are many deep teachings and mysteries revealed when you ascend into this level of the Tree, where you come into contact with the deeper powers of the Self. In this video, Dr Bullard discusses both the virtues and vices that we encounter within ourselves at this level of the Tree, how it helps us to accomplish our goals, and continue our journey towards self-mastery.

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