Are Incels Caused by Corporate Greed?

Published on Nov 28, 2020
Sex is energy, having both a utility(masculine) and recreation(feminine) function. Balancing these forces together for your society can make your society more fit in terms of stability, unity, harmony, health, equality and prosperity. People have to learn to become mature and have an enlightened discussion rather than a narrow, religious perspective, putting people into boxes they cannot break out of. Society is more fluid than that.

Anytime you consume media, you have to learn to do your own analyzing of the facts. I think the Jewish woman, Helen Smith, was more accurate than Jesse in this evaluation. She brought up the 80/20 rule, also known as hypergamy and the Pareto Distribution. 80/20 rule basically says 20% of the men are receiving all of the sexual access in society. The men below have to put in more effort and resources to come close to that access and it's not guaranteed. For some, it could turn them into incels or MGTOW because the juice is not worth the squeeze, so to speak. They are effectively out of the dating market and the reproduction cycle. Hypergamy is slightly different, saying women are always looking for the bigger, better deal. This is an ingrained, sexual-behavioral characteristic. It's also linked with evolution on how we, consciously or unconsciously, look for the best mate to reproduce with. The Pareto Distribution is more different but related, saying all the resources in society go to the top 10%, especially the top 1%. For men like George Soros or Harvey Weinstein who are very wealthy but not very attractive, their power alone can grant them sexual access, albeit reluctantly for the women🤣. Pareto Distribution tracks factors that enable the successful acquisition of resources such as IQ(masculine), beauty(feminine), athleticism, sociability(feminine), charisma, etc.

Notice Jesse's incel and chad diagram that is highly biased towards his own narrow view of reality. According to him, Chads are virgins who never get laid and, ironically, don't believe in traditionalism but spend all their focus bettering themselves (to what end?). Incels, on the other hand, focus primarily on getting laid but strike out with women because of their lack of personal investment in themselves. Ironically again, they are the ones advocating traditionalism, according to Jesse.

Video thumbnail gif is sexy Game of Thrones character Melisandre, black magic blood mage, who has intense powers of seduction but only so long as she wears her amulet with the ruby stone, similar to Wizard of Oz's Dorothy's ruby glass slippers, a nod to Harry Potter's Sorcerer's Stone or Philosopher's Stone. Those who are familiar with the occult will know what I'm referring to. If Melisandre takes off her amulet, her power of beauty and seduction will deteriorate in real time, causing her to die instantly as an old woman.

Original title: Incels and the Role of Sex in a Relationship (Highlight) by Jesse Lee Peterson

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