Published on Oct 11, 2021
From Madd Cold's Album: Son of Kufa Volume 1: Rise of the Anomaly
Cover art by
Madd Cold's political analysis website:
The Eternal Bolivarian III:
Brothers Vs. Empire
Government of revolution
from a regime of clowns
getting greasy all
day/International solidarity,
smashed the IMF and
bombed austerity, crushed the ones who let the greedy parle/Extended your friendship
from Iran to Souria, Cuba to the DPRK/Proclaimed your sorrow when the brother Kim
Jong-il had passed to the Father/
Now it’s your turn ya Hugo, 1 million gun salute, let it
blast, you’re a martyr/Schooled your people, told them ‘bout Lukashenko and Mugabe,
they tell the truth/So Venezuela stands against imperialism from Zimbabwe to Belarus/Said
that the American Empire’s an insidious disease/Defended Qaddafi and withstood the
Zionists’ firing when Libya was Green/Ain’t no revolution, you exposed the
plot/destabilization in Syria too, told the world the terrorists as “freedom fighters” game is
lame, old and been sold a lot/Made it clear that “democracy” really wasn’t what they
wanted to show Iraq/Saluted Iraqis as warriors, said we’d be victorious, over Bush and
Sharon yo/We look at you and see humanity and clarity, but them? What we see is
butchers with no soul/Slammed George Junior as shaytan and embarrassed the Spanish
king, maggots who ravage things from Ja7annam, and still the smell of sulphur is
insane/Your bond with the Resistance Bloc has ripped and shocked the vultures and their
reign/Signed hundreds of agreements with besieged Iran,
Dr. Ahmadinejad is part of your
spirt, he is your brother/Beyond that, Bashar al-Assad, is your comrade, waving
Venezuela’s flag in your right and Syria’s in the other/With you is Maduro, Correa,
Morales, Ortega, united as slayers of ravenous evil/Zionism and its tyrant system drowned
by Bolivarian tsunamis in a sea of emphatic Chavismo/
Viva, Chavez!
Viva Venezuela!
Viva la Revolucion Bolivariana!
The Eternal Bolivarian IV:
Pharisees On Blast
“Damn you State of Israel!”
was your
proclamation/Frying all the
fake “anti-Zionist” states that actually love the
occupation/Welcomed Palestinians into your
homeland without a visa, of course it’s historic, you’re the first leader to do it/Stood with
Lebanon against aggression while the Zionist regime embedded bombs in many sick
directions, and every Arab tyrant clapped at the bleeding and ruin/Never missed a chance
to kick and slam the Israelis’ barbarity and we’re glad/
You went to the heart of Iraq as it
was oppressed, rejected and starved, and declared you know the Pharisees will get
mad/Said that the descendants of the reprehensible vile heathens who persecuted Messiah
Jesus, ruled the world and owned all its wealth, the Jews roared for help and called you
anti-Semitic ‘cause you’re with Ar-Ra7eem, not a pathetic man of phony gods/And the
Jews keep leaving Venezuela ‘cause their Zionism’s alien to the land of Bolivar/When the
Gaza Strip was being massacred you yelled out/
This is not acceptable, the Zionist entity is
detestable and then you threw, Israel’s ambassador the hell out/And told him don’t you
come back/Israel is genocide and colonizers aren’t welcome here, better believe we will run
that/In the wake of the flotilla killings, you were candid, demanded, “where is the
justice?”/Where’s the condemnation? Where are these so-called United Nations? Where is
the ruckus?/Exposed Mossad for its plots against you, we could feel the rage locked up in
you, thunderous, not submissive/You said it best, Israel’s the counterrevolution that is
funding the opposition/
Comandante, rest in peace, every Arab who knows you salutes you
for your beautiful allure/Said you may just be an Arab yourself, well, if you were and from
Jnoub or Bekaa, Hezbollah would’ve recruited you for sure/
Viva, Chavez!
Viva Venezuela!
Viva la Revolucion Bolivariana!
Damn you Zionist filth, El Comandante said so
Your existence is slipping, you’re living in a dead zone
Latin America ain’t your backyard anymore
It ain’t your backyard, it is time for you to let go
Hugo’s life was music, his Revolution sounded great
The Bolivarian’s Eternal, but Jewish Power ain’t
The righteous live forever while the cruel are bound to break
The Bolivarian’s Eternal, but Jewish Power ain’t
Hugo was a hero without the stupid gown and cape
The Bolivarian’s Eternal, but Jewish Power ain’t
Too strong was Chavez, he was moving mountains’ weight
The Bolivarian’s Eternal, but Jewish Power ain’t
Hugo died a legend, he was true let’s crown him saint
The Bolivarian’s Eternal, but Jewish Power ain’t
Y’all are going to hell and the looming hour waits
The Bolivarian’s Eternal, but Jewish Power ain’t
Hugo was a lion, you yahoud are hounds and apes
The Bolivarian’s Eternal, but Jewish Power ain’t


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