Enchanted Celtic Music – Forest Kingdom | Magical, Mythical, Mysterious

Published on May 10, 2021
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Traditional music for you: We are Ean Grimm, Derek Fiechter and Brandon Fiechter ... 3 composers who write instrumental music that's meant to relax and inspire you after a long and stressful day at work. Genres we produce are e.g. Celtic music, Medieval music and Nordic music. If you like to listen to traditional instruments like hurdy gurdy, harp, bagpipes and flutes you came to the right place. This enchanted Celtic music about a beautiful forest kingdom is magical, mythical, and mysterious.

Music by Ean Grimm:

1. A Woodland Fantasy (Harp Version Slow)
2. Fairy Glade Leaves (Harp Version Slow)
3. The Forest Walker (Harp Version Slow)
4. Forest of Wisdom (Harp Remix)
5. Magical Forest
6. Forest King (Flute Remix)
7. Forest Blade (Harp Remix)
8. Forest Druid
9. Forest Prayer

Image: Done by herryfaizal.


My name is Ean Grimm and I am an instrumental music composer. My main focus is fantasy music, forest music and celtic music. I design my songs to be enchanted, mystical, relaxing and magical. This music video is great as background music for reading, writing, sleeping, relaxing, studying and working.

Copyright: Please note that the music as well as the picture are protected by copyright. If you want to avoid copyright claims and/or more serious consequences, do not try to re-upload any part of this video under any circumstances.

You can find more songs here:

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwF4bAx_W482_AQu-mv1vWg
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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1CpsGlYxA696bgBGhWlo2j

Outro music: This video also includes Cliffs of Fate and Sunlight Mountain by Ean Grimm.

Nature sounds (if present) obtained from zapsplat.com

Enjoy the songs,
Ean Grimm (Composer)

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Enchanted Celtic Music – Forest Kingdom | Magical, Mythical, Mysterious (by Ean Grimm)


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