The Secret Book of John (aka "Apocryphon of John"). Gnostic text audio book.

Published on Jul 12, 2020
The "Secret Book of John" (aka "The Apocryphon of John") is generally regarded as the most "heretical" of Gnostic texts, establishing the tenets of the Gnostic tradition. Within are ideas including salvation through Gnosis, reincarnation, the "immovable race", and Archons (the equivalent of demons in the Christian tradition).

The famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung considered himself Gnostic, and regarded the early Christian Gnostics as being very advanced in their understanding of human psychology. The Matrix Trilogy is considered to be representative of many Gnostic concepts, along with other movies like "Ink", and "The Nines".

Hopefully that explains why I've decided to include it on this channel. Most of all I see it as being particularly useful in the area of human psychology.

On a side note I'm hoping to get back to this channel and begin providing it with the TLC it's been so desperately lacking. I hope you're all doing well.


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