Police Called : Gang Stalkers Coming Into My House To Gaslight Me Slander Report In Police Statement

Published on Jul 20, 2020
Gang stalkers and citizen spies like to come into my house to gaslight me move things around let me know in sneaky ways that they have entered and have come into my house to invade my privacy violate me and to let me know I'm being watched and to make me look like I'm crazy. I have tried to secure my house with 2 sided high security deadbolts anti shim my doors triple lock windows and various other ways. When you have people living above you and on the sides of you if there is a will there is a way especially when cash reward is involved. These gang stalkers and community harassers go to extreme lengths to harass me and to get at me, its off the charts. I called the police to report this and to get this investigated including the slander report that is handed out to people in the neighborhood about me. I have police statements from various neighbors that have said in the police statement that they have read slanderous lies reports written about me. Regarding these reports I have been charged with nothing convicted of nothing have not gone to court for anything. Its just a way to get the neighbors on board for this organized harassment and for them to feel obligated to stalk and harass me including cash reward of course. The idea is to try and make me look like I'm a threat to the community to harass me for things i have not done try and make me lash out and freak out and to try and drive me to a mental institution.


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