Plan Andinia Jews in Argentina - Reel Truth History

Published on Mar 10, 2021
"the masters of illusion have been able to confuse all during their business adventures “War, peace, and Philanthropy” and while having us in distraction, have built up a fat economic purse of plunder and a sitting in wait global police force “China” (Harbin and Kaifeng Jews) and “Sleeper 5th Columnist’s” around the world in what has become a strategic Yiddish ambush ready for deployment as and when tensions and conditions prevail. These criminals have already secured the Panama canal and earlier, the Suez canal, these strategic bridgeheads for their proxy armies are well and truly primed.

understanding the concept of settling a debt in default with a Jew bank” First off, one must compare it to them repossessing your car, evicting you from your home, or in the case of Argentina, in the above article and video, selling off Patagonia to these same Jews to settle its foreign debt crisis, Yet, under normal circumstances, the debt does not exist” It was a contrived debt to mislead the people, making it easier for them to accept the passive “secession” of their land” another Jewish bolt hole acquired by economic subversion, so one should realize the following” all money raised from bonds in the absence of a National bank is raised from their empty Usurious banking system” bonds that they sell on the futures stock market to speculators making the Bankers owners of the production in due course” a devised method for them to rent money back to you at compound stock market interest (magic bookkeeping of fresh air) Yet” money can only be initiated with bond guarantees, being the insurance securities from landowners/nations (signatures from the people) making them the preferred stock investment “we” being the bond and shareholders in due course of labor and production, this is what becomes the negotiability. In essence, we have been removed” and shareholder replaced” in order for them to drip feed back to us benefits” in place of our full entitlements”.

So now look at the case of “Argentina and Patagonia” and their obligation to the Jew banks”! Why not remove the rental hire purchase from the equation” Then bingo!” no debt!” no secession needed”! Continue reading here ......


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